1. FiFAViDZ4You says:

    u r boring

  2. Nishu Afobunor says:

    if everton, southampton, newcastle, and west brom were in la liga then
    barca would lose at least 3 games

  3. Luke Fielding says:

    Barca can do it. Even without Messi they have showed they are good.

  4. DroneHD says:

    why was this uploaded earlier and then deleted

  5. Barca FanNZ says:

    Barca have a good shot having played both Madrids they will go undefeated,
    they dont need Messi because they have Neymar to fill the void

  6. susan bikram Thapa says:


  7. Tobias Mauritz says:

    Bayern München is NO 1 in the world…….

  8. CHEDDScast says:

    Bayern lost to Dortmund in the super cup

  9. Gamirez says:

    none of them will go unbeaten I give it until Christmas for all of those
    teams Jimmy Named to lose at less one game. When the winter season kicks

  10. James Lawrence says:


  11. Barca4Life says:

    i think barca have a shot only if we beat athletico madrid which will be
    hard since messi might not be fit to play in time

  12. MrVazOnGaming CFC says:

    How is Bundesliga a crap league. Just because its a two horse race? La liga
    is much more crap and much bigger of a two horse race. League 1 is also up
    there with La Liga in being shit and two horse

  13. Rasmus Tipp says:

    BAYERN will do it.

  14. Pontus Berg says:


  15. RealUnited2468 says:

    bayern munich will face their defeat really really soon, i can feel
    it…… i can feel it in ma ballz!!! :)

  16. LuigiMessi10 says:

    Ligue 1 is a crap league!! It is so uncompetitive!! The only teams that
    could win are PSG and Monaco!!!

  17. BOB POO says:

    barca beat real so they will

  18. Danny Mena says:

    Real Madrid will go unbeaten this season! Oh wait…

  19. BennettATL says:

    Bayern has NO chance to beat Borussia Dortmund!

  20. what? says:

    None will go unbeaten but all will win their leagues

  21. jho084242 says:

    hard to tell because non of these teams has had their most difficult match
    yet. bayern in dortmund, barca in madrid, roma in turin

  22. Jesus Morales says:

    Of course Munich is perfect, it’s German. 

  23. Chris Loeffel says:

    PSG and Bayern both have a good shot

  24. Brian Cruz says:

    I love real madrid stop hating Ahmed Hossam. Hala Madrid

  25. Lionel Messi says:

    (Barca fan here) i think yeah only bayern are the ones capable of doing so 

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