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  1. FiFAViDZ4You

    u r boring

  2. Nishu Afobunor

    if everton, southampton, newcastle, and west brom were in la liga then
    barca would lose at least 3 games

  3. Luke Fielding

    Barca can do it. Even without Messi they have showed they are good.

  4. DroneHD

    why was this uploaded earlier and then deleted

  5. Barca FanNZ

    Barca have a good shot having played both Madrids they will go undefeated,
    they dont need Messi because they have Neymar to fill the void

  6. susan bikram Thapa


  7. Tobias Mauritz

    Bayern München is NO 1 in the world…….

  8. CHEDDScast

    Bayern lost to Dortmund in the super cup

  9. Gamirez

    none of them will go unbeaten I give it until Christmas for all of those
    teams Jimmy Named to lose at less one game. When the winter season kicks

  10. James Lawrence


  11. Barca4Life

    i think barca have a shot only if we beat athletico madrid which will be
    hard since messi might not be fit to play in time

  12. MrVazOnGaming CFC

    How is Bundesliga a crap league. Just because its a two horse race? La liga
    is much more crap and much bigger of a two horse race. League 1 is also up
    there with La Liga in being shit and two horse

  13. Rasmus Tipp

    BAYERN will do it.

  14. Pontus Berg


  15. RealUnited2468

    bayern munich will face their defeat really really soon, i can feel
    it…… i can feel it in ma ballz!!! :)

  16. LuigiMessi10

    Ligue 1 is a crap league!! It is so uncompetitive!! The only teams that
    could win are PSG and Monaco!!!

  17. BOB POO

    barca beat real so they will

  18. Danny Mena

    Real Madrid will go unbeaten this season! Oh wait…

  19. BennettATL

    Bayern has NO chance to beat Borussia Dortmund!

  20. what?

    None will go unbeaten but all will win their leagues

  21. jho084242

    hard to tell because non of these teams has had their most difficult match
    yet. bayern in dortmund, barca in madrid, roma in turin

  22. Jesus Morales

    Of course Munich is perfect, it’s German. 

  23. Chris Loeffel

    PSG and Bayern both have a good shot

  24. Brian Cruz

    I love real madrid stop hating Ahmed Hossam. Hala Madrid

  25. Lionel Messi

    (Barca fan here) i think yeah only bayern are the ones capable of doing so 

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