1. brian modoh says:

    Rafael da silva v Carjaval ? Who is better :P

  2. Ron Garcia says:

    You are right eric He was better than Lahm last year and in a worse team.

  3. Eric Monares says:

    This guy will never be near good compared to lahm… but he is a good
    player but NEVER get him near the skills of THE GREAT PHILLIP LAHM!!!!!

  4. Ron Garcia says:

    Better than montoya Better than dani alves but not as experience. Potential
    to be as good or greater than lahm.

  5. Marvin Ruben says:

    do lacina traore pls

  6. Jack Guest says:

    needs to be madrids 1st choice right back

  7. Voetbalexpert15 says:

    From 2:06 to 2:15 great attack

  8. realmadridchannel10 says:

    It was one year ago

  9. realmadridchannel10 says:

    Theu didn´t let him go, RM used their buy back option

  10. Oskar Raymundo says:

    Real Madrid used the buy back clause in their deal from when he left 2
    years ago

  11. Hummel Bummel says:

    because they had too

  12. andres felipe gonzalez garcia says:

    Welcome to real Madrid

  13. Max Mustermann says:

    Why did Leverkusen let him go….

  14. Edqar Alanis says:

    You mean Arbeloa, the Barca roster, and its Coaching Staff lol.

  15. ScoutNationHD says:

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  16. Ezio Auditore says:

    callate canosomoroso y aprende a hablar

  17. CanosoMoroso says:

    Puta Madrid

  18. WhosPxin says:

    yes!! finally that guy isn’t on the pitch anymore 😛

  19. Miguel Luigi says:

    Tremendous talent!

  20. FIFAiosc says:

    Just what we needed!

  21. realmadridchannel10 says:

    No maybe not now, but during his first 3 year’s at FCB he was fantastic. (
    at least going forward)

  22. AMJJAH Hicham says:

    The perfect Right back

  23. IronManx70 says:

    I’m SO glad we got him back. No more traffic cone on the pitch (Arbeloa)

  24. javiperez817 says:

    Can you do some Manchester united players plz? I love your videos

  25. realmadridchannel10 says:

    You’re name should be EPL-blinded

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