DANIEL CARVAJAL | Tackles, Skills, Assists | Bayer Leverkusen | 2012/2013 (HD)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. brian modoh

    Rafael da silva v Carjaval ? Who is better :P

  2. Ron Garcia

    You are right eric He was better than Lahm last year and in a worse team.

  3. Eric Monares

    This guy will never be near good compared to lahm… but he is a good
    player but NEVER get him near the skills of THE GREAT PHILLIP LAHM!!!!!

  4. Ron Garcia

    Better than montoya Better than dani alves but not as experience. Potential
    to be as good or greater than lahm.

  5. Marvin Ruben

    do lacina traore pls

  6. Jack Guest

    needs to be madrids 1st choice right back

  7. Voetbalexpert15

    From 2:06 to 2:15 great attack

  8. realmadridchannel10

    It was one year ago

  9. realmadridchannel10

    Theu didn´t let him go, RM used their buy back option

  10. Oskar Raymundo

    Real Madrid used the buy back clause in their deal from when he left 2
    years ago

  11. Hummel Bummel

    because they had too

  12. andres felipe gonzalez garcia

    Welcome to real Madrid

  13. Max Mustermann

    Why did Leverkusen let him go….

  14. Edqar Alanis

    You mean Arbeloa, the Barca roster, and its Coaching Staff lol.

  15. ScoutNationHD

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  16. Ezio Auditore

    callate canosomoroso y aprende a hablar

  17. CanosoMoroso

    Puta Madrid

  18. WhosPxin

    yes!! finally that guy isn’t on the pitch anymore 😛

  19. Miguel Luigi

    Tremendous talent!

  20. FIFAiosc

    Just what we needed!

  21. realmadridchannel10

    No maybe not now, but during his first 3 year’s at FCB he was fantastic. (
    at least going forward)

  22. AMJJAH Hicham

    The perfect Right back

  23. IronManx70

    I’m SO glad we got him back. No more traffic cone on the pitch (Arbeloa)

  24. javiperez817

    Can you do some Manchester united players plz? I love your videos

  25. realmadridchannel10

    You’re name should be EPL-blinded

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