German League getting Less and Less Popular

The German League seems to be getting less and less competitive as each year and season passes by. Out of the last 13 league titles, Bayern Munich has won it 8 times and in the previous season it was won in record breaking time.

After selling Robert Lewandowski to Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund has taken a downhill spiral for the worst with the German club located in the bottom spots of the Bundesliga meanwhile Bayern Munich is at the top which doesn’t come as a surprise.

Buying top players from their rivals is turning into a routine for Bayern Munich and a few clubs around Europe including Manchester City as they have signed a number of world class players from Arsenal.

Signing a number of players from their rivals can bring forth a consequence that is certainly not good for fans of the German League as the dominance of Bayern Munich can turn the Bundesliga into a less entertaining place to watch football.

Fans want to be surprised, entertained and thrilled to watch different clubs battling against each other with either one of them having almost the same chance on actually winning the league but Bayern Munich is years ahead of everyone else in the Bundesliga.

The dominance is edging towards being even a bigger factor within the next few years as Bayern Munich has a number of players which are on their radar and could sign from different clubs around Europe including their rivals Borussia Dortmund with Marco Reus being a top target.

The Premier League was dominated by Manchester United since the English League was created in 1992 but after Sir. Alex Ferguson decided to retire from his illustrious career, Manchester United started falling apart and this has allowed other clubs on stepping up. This might be what needs to happen in the Bundesliga before it completely turns into a one club league where the outcome of a match is decided even before the match starts.