Joachim Low is not very happy with how Kevin Grosskreutz

Joachim Low is not very happy with how Kevin Grosskreutz has gone about his business in the recent times and he has already ruled the 27-year old out of contention for the upcoming Euros.

According to Low, Grosskreutz has not had enough playing time in the last 18 months for him to be considered for selection in the squad for a big tournament.

Grosskreutz has switched clubs frequently of late.

He left Borussia Durtmund and moved to Galatasaray in September 2015, but, he didn’t get to play any game there in Turkey for the first three months of his tenure because of some registration issues.

However, he was allowed to play from the start of the New Year, but, he decided not to persist there and make his way back to Bundesliga

The defender is currently at VfB Stuttgart.

When asked about Grosskreutz, if he is there in the reckoning or not for Euros, Low replied in negative straightaway.

“No, I don’t think so”, said the Germany boss.

“Kevin’s not been playing on a regular basis.”

“Also, the other week when I had a chat with Galatasaray manager, I was told that Kevin showed a lack of commitment while he was there. He used to fly home every five days.”

“For me, it’s not the correct attitude at all. If you are not playing, it doesn’t mean you’re not a member of the squad.”

“To be honest, I fail to comprehend the way he carries himself as a player.”

Grosskreutz international career has not gone uphill since his debut in 2010. He has only had 5 Germany caps in the 5-year period and given Low’s opinions about him, there is no chance of any sudden increment in the count of his international appearances.