FC Schalke 04 VS Steaua Bukarest 3-0 All Goals & Highlights 18/09/2013

25 thoughts on “FC Schalke 04 VS Steaua Bukarest 3-0 All Goals & Highlights 18/09/2013

  • Keep your hatred out of this blogs then, look up History Chanel videos on
    gypsies if you want to do that. And again if you are going to tell someone
    to type in English you should learn how to do that yourself first.

  • Wow I guess you really cannot fix stupid, it is Romanian you dumb ass. And
    believe what you want, if it wasn’t for us your beloved country would not
    even exist. In another subject I would really appreciate if you would not
    post stupidities in a football game. Some of us like to discuss football,
    not personal believes.

  • Dude, you ARE a clown, and have all the doubts that you want that will not
    change the fact that I was born and raised in the US. And again learn how
    to spell, it is Romanian in English, not rumanian. Once again if you are to
    make comments keep it to football, or soccer to make it sound more American

  • you are one piece of shit retarded dumbass…. you should’ve got killed by
    the nazis

  • Sincer a fost frumos …pana sa ne de-a golu ca nu a mai cantat nimeni 🙁
    dupa golul 3 mai aveam putin si plecam cu toti :))

  • Nu-l mai bagati insema pe handicapatul asta de przem000. Asta-i un rahat de
    troll care cauta atentie cu orice chip.

  • I am American, not Romanian, learn how to spell first. Also the dirty one
    is you and your comments. Make it about football, not conflicts between
    countries or races.

  • ca sa nu mai zic ca sunt si de-ai nostrii care s-au gasit sa-l injure
    intr-o engleza cam de balta …

  • People like you, so though and badass with your comments, are pathetic. I
    do not know what the deal is with you and other countries, but this is
    football. Would be appreciated if you would try to keep your dumbass
    comments football related at least.

  • Ce gunoi de om, cititi comentariile lui despre Romani si in special despre
    Romi pe profilul lui, are ceva cu noi, trebuie pus la punct putin ca deja
    intrece orice masura. @Przemooo086

  • I don’t care, if you don’t like reading nasty stuff about your nation,
    maybe you and the rest of the Neanderthal pack should not come to these
    videos to talk smack.

  • By the way, how many gypsies does Poland have? Not the official number
    (because I’m sure a ton of them declared themselves Poles), give me the
    unofficial one

  • There are indeed probably 2-3 mil. gypsies. But its ok because if Poland’s
    wealth goes up they’ll move in your country (yay, arent u glad?) As for
    “your” Legia (you’re not the owner) Lazio will probably beat them badly.
    Legia showed no skill, and since you dont know how to lose, you blame the
    referee. I hope Radu scores for Lazio cause he’s Romanian…and after that
    I hope Germany & Russia invade Poland again :)) only your city actually,
    cause I like the rest of the poles I know.

    RUSINE !!

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