Have Bayern Munich gone backwards under Guardiola? | RTÉ Soccer

7 thoughts on “Have Bayern Munich gone backwards under Guardiola? | RTÉ Soccer

  • This guy spoke absolute nonsense…. He said first of all that Pep is
    trying to make bayern play like barcelona, but how is that possible when
    bayern has completely different players. There is a difference between
    trying to get a current team to play like a previous one and having a clear
    philosophy on how he(pep) wants football to be played. And then goes on to
    say something utterly wrong without considering the statistics, Bayern
    ignore the defensive side of things, but on the contrary, Bayern were the
    best side defensively in the top five european leagues and also conceded
    the least goals from set pieces in out of all the teams in the top five
    leagues in europe. Analysis without objectivity is farcical opinion.

  • Of course you’re going to decline how do you improve on winning the
    treble?.Near on impossible to repeat that the following season.

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