1. hey guys i have my list of videos i want to release over the next couple of
    weeks (not revealing lol) let me know if there is anything at all you want
    me to add to that and i’ll do my best to try and make it happen for you
    lot, thanks for supporting and i can’t wait for FIFA 15!

  2. Bayern munich is shit no one likes this bullshit club in germany so stop
    with this shit bayern munich videos

  3. If your controller is so bad, buy a new me. You won 10 grand from kick tv
    so you have enough for a new controller

  4. I think Reus said he supported Dortmund as a kid and he said he won’t go to
    Bayern. I’m not like 100% sure but that’s what I have heard so yeah.

  5. I have listed up aubameyang on ps4 for 800k buy can someone pleas buy him
    because I have no coins my cob name is the barbarians

  6. Im a big fan of my bayern and my dreamteam after the next summer is:
    Schweinsteiger/Rode/Martinez/Junior Malanda
    Robben/Di maria Gotze Thiago/Hojberg Reus/Ribery/Shaq

  7. pep’s ideas….. lets forget about contento and sign a new left back, just
    in case alaba isnt able to play
    then lets buy a young talented goalkeeper and sit him on the bench for 4
    seasons untill we sell neuer or he leaves

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