1. Anyone know what is Spovelax Training Program about? I hear many people
    improve their soccer skills with Spovelax Training Program (do a google

  2. Modern Soccer Training

    Nice Video….dribbling is so important to be a good player!!!! Please, can
    you tell me the name of this song??:D

  3. Abdullah Futbol

    I know I’m asking for a lot, but can you upload maybe 2 videos a day? or a
    video every day? That would be great 😀 btw, how is your journey to going
    pro going

  4. Hey Dylan, I did this drill as a part of my training yesterday. It
    definitely tested my conditioning.

    What are supposed to be the main benefits of doing this drill? Is it
    improving your dribbling and mobility when fatigued?

  5. Ben The Human

    I’m surprised you haven’t recommended beep test as a weekly thing. Once or
    twice a week.

  6. thanks dylan. ive been learning alot in your videos and they are well
    explained.. thank you for your videos.. ive aproved my skills by watching
    your videos and have become a better soccer player. 

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